2017 Asia/Pacific Winner

Lvsheng Agriculture Science & Technology - Weinan, Shaanxi, China

For Lvsheng Agriculture Science & Technology Co. Ltd., based in China’s Shaanxi Province, business has boomed over the past 16 years.

Yufeng Shi, General Manager, says: “We promote high-quality pesticides and provide full crop solutions to local farmers. For the past 10 years, we have conducted more than 3,000 training sessions on topics including safe use, product knowledge, and IPM/RM. We distributed more than 17,800 booklets to farmers, and used advertising and other media at an annual budget of 300 million RMB to influence farmers to use environmentally friendly products for our beautiful and green community.”

Lvsheng Agriculture employees keep up to date on the latest technologies used in crop protection.

Shi adds: “It’s everyone’s responsibility to respect and protect the environment, and we are dedicated to promoting safe and environmentally-friendly products with high efficiency and low residues. This vision leads our business development direction.” The company partners with multinationals to sell major brands of crop protection products and advanced agriculture machinery, utilizing the principles of IPM to guide pest control and reduce pesticide waste by 30%. “Through low-volume and accurate aerial application, we reduced the application rate by 50%, minimizing pesticide waste and residue. We all make an effort for the next generation and the future,” Shi says.

Shi hopes that what the company has done for environmental respect will influence more and more people to protect the environment. Every year from March through September, the company’s employees and core retailers hold a clean-up of waste pesticide packages in the field and promote the practice of triple rinse and safe use of pesticides.

“As a large agricultural country, our development depends on the agriculture. We insist in the mission of environmental respect and try our best to protect the rural ecological environment system,” Shi says.