2017 Asia/Pacific, Ambassador Winner

Narayani Agrichems - Andhra Pradesh, India

Editor’s note: Narayani Agrichems was one of three retailers named 2017 Environmental Respect Award winner for the 2017 Asia Pacific Region. The Andhra Pradesh, India-based retailer was also one of four companies honored as a 2017 Ambassador of Respect during a ceremony in July 2017 in Wilmington, DE, home of ERA sponsor DuPont Crop Protection. Here is an inside look at Narayani Agrichems.

To Venkata Reddy of Narayani Agrichems Pvt. Ltd., in Andhra Pradesh, India, a business can only be successful in the long term if it acts responsibly towards the environment and society. As stewards of the land, farmers are ultimately responsible for putting sustainable agriculture into practice on a daily basis, he says. “However, I personally feel that we as humans are not focusing on the aspects of sustainable agriculture with our complete potential. Caring about the future of my family and community makes me realize the importance of preserving our environment. We understand that environment is our heritage, and it’s something we pass to our next generation,” Reddy says.

Venkata Reddy spends a lot of time visiting his customers in the field.

Reddy shares his positive outlook on the industry’s role in ensuring an environmentally sound future for food production: “In India growers are facing tough challenges, and they fulfill their commitments by respecting nature and caring passionately about their land. We should partner with farmers to enable them to continue growing food in an efficient and sustainable way.”

His business, Narayani Agrichems, is a manifestation of these views. Safety is paramount. “Handling agrichemicals properly and safely is very important to us and we take utmost care. We have been associated with DuPont for a very long time and we very well know the safety culture of DuPont, which has helped to imbue the core values as well. That is what we have emulated in our system as well.”

He adds: “Agriculture is the foundation of civilization and any stable economy, and improving agricultural biodiversity through sustainable practices may also alleviate food insecurity. Hence, our company strongly believes in product stewardship — a critical element of sustainable growth and development. Our association with DuPont has further strengthened our commitment to live our stewardship values in our business.”