2017 Latin America Winner

Pronor - Villa del Totoral, Cordoba, Argentina

The owners of Pronor have a very simple explanation for their passion for and dedication to environmental stewardship.

“We understand that environmental stewardship is the key foundation of any activity. At Pronor we assume from the first moment that this commitment is the only way to take care of our community and to leave our sons and grandsons a better world,” the company says.

Sustainability and commitment to the environment helps inform how the company approaches business and make decisions about its 36 employees. Founded in 1993, Pronor offers insecticide, herbicide, and fungicide products along with consulting and weed management services.

Employees are trained on environmental stewardship. That training includes everything from how to prevent labor accidents to the responsible use of products.


Pronor’s facility is located in Villa del Totoral, Cordoba, Argentina.

Pronor’s focus on good stewardship applies to the company’s physical structure as well. The company has undertaken several projects in the past year to improve the site including adding smoke alarms and ventilation improvements, and upgrading safety signs and personal protective equipment. The company also added a fire alarm and a new spill containment system.

The improvements don’t stop there. The company will soon add an entry ramp to improve containment of liquids in case of fire or a water spill. There are also plans in place to completely waterproof the floor.

Improving the company’s buildings and making sure employees have the latest training are important, but Pronor’s leaders know that if their plan to leave a better planet is going to succeed they need support from the broader community. That’s one reason the message of environmental stewardship is shared outside the company’s walls.

“We actively participate in activities involving schools, universities, and science and technical congresses looking to give our knowledge to the community in how we work and how it involves taking care of environment and stakeholders,” the company says.