2017 Latin America Winner

Qualiciclo Group - Itapetininga, SP, Brazil

From its inception, Qualiciclo Group has been focused on improving the lives of the growers with which the company works. The organization is a distributor of pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, and agricultural machinery.

“We currently have 10 sales outlets, and in all of them teams are prepared to support the end customer and carry information regarding the proper use of agrochemicals,” says Maisa Fernandes Nogueira, Marketing Manager.

Currently the distributor has 70 agronomists and technicians offering clients assistance in their fields. Much of that training focuses on safety and respect for the environment.

Qualiciclo Group

Qualiciclo Group employees are involved with the community in a variety of ways.

But the dedication to improving operations is not focused solely on customers.

“We constantly carry out security training for our employees in all branches,” Nogueira says.

That includes educating staff on safety standards and proper behavior in case of emergencies.

“The objective is to inform and guide, making rural producers aware of the importance of working properly with innovative products and minimizing risks due to the incorrect use of agrochemicals,” Nogueira says.

Employees also deliver lectures, and training, and conduct field days with clients, Nogueira says. “The intention is to bring us closer to these producers, boosting their confidence, and to solidify Qualicitrus (part of the Qualiciclo Group) as a company they know is concerned with meeting the needs of rural producers, while maintaining safety and respect for the environment.”

That’s not the extent of Qualiciclo Group’s commitment to its customer base. Qualiciclo employees offer help with financial consulting, legal consulting, support for the marketing of their products, and participation in fairs
and events.

For Qualicitrus, delivering these offerings is just part of the service, which is designed “to treat the rural producer with respect, dignity, and confidence,” Nogueira says.