2017 Europe/Middle East/Africa, Ambassador Winner

Vadalex-Agro SRL - Chisinau, MD, Moldova

Editor’s note: Vadalex-Agro SRL was one of three retailers named 2017 Environmental Respect Award winner for the 2017 Europe, Middle East, Africa Region. The Chisinau, MD, Moldova-based retailer was also one of four companies honored as a 2017 Ambassador of Respect during a ceremony in July 2017 in Wilmington, DE, home of ERA sponsor DuPont Crop Protection. Here is an inside look at Vadalex-Agro SRL.

With every passing year, says Vitalie Tiganu, Director of Vadalex-Agro SRL, “environmental respect becomes more and more obvious for all of us. We live in a beautiful small country in the heart of Europe, and we build our business based on European values. Everyone wants to leave a clean and healthy country to the next generation, and our responsible approach to environmental problems is shared by our customers and partners. We see how the attitude of people is changing and a more responsible business approach is considered a ‘must-have’ practice.”

Agriculture is a legacy in Moldova, and the need to cherish and uphold this legacy is always at the forefront of Tiganu’s business.

Vadalex-Agro SRL

Vadalex-Agro employees can regularly be found sharing their knowledge with growers in the field.

“We want our people to consume healthy food. We care about our children and the next generations. As one of the biggest companies in the country that operates in agriculture and sells agricultural equipment, seeds, fertilizers, and plant protection products, we realize the importance of our role in this area,” he says.

With a newly built facility that it strives to make among the country’s best, Vadalex-Agro puts safety and professionalism at a premium. All employees are trained in appropriate safety procedures, including how to identify counterfeit products. Training seminars are conducted several times a year, before the season starts and during application periods in the field.

His company share this vision of environmental respect with customers and the entire community. “Our meetings with clients always start with the question: ‘What are your personal contributions toward the country’s sustainable agriculture? Let’s start today to build our tomorrow!’” Tiganu says, adding, “We are proud to see that more and more people share our view!”