2018 Latin America Winner

Agro Amazônia Agricultural Products - Cuiaba, Mato Grosso, Brazil

At the core of Agro Amazônia's values is its aim to protect everyone and everything around it.

Agro Amazônia Agricultural Products is based in Cuiaba, Brazil, which is considered the geographical center of South America. At the core of the company’s values is its aim to protect everyone and everything around it.

“Agro Amazônia understands that to work sustainably in agribusiness, special attention is needed to the safety of people and the environment,” Gustavo Samperi Burneiko, the Marketing Coordinator at Agro Amazônia, says. “Based on this, management has drawn clear guidelines for its employees and society: Our values should be part of our daily life and should be remembered at every meeting we do. They will be posted in the lobby of each branch and will be read and decorated by all. In this way we believe that it creates a collective awareness of the importance of our work and the care that we should have with the environment.”

Agro Amazônia’s collaborators, business partners, and service providers are important allies in multiplying important, positive, and true messages about agribusiness, Samperi Burneiko says. The public’s access to the company’s social networks is paramount to propagate its message, he adds.

“A new generation of agriculturalists is emerging — increasingly informed, interested, and with great desire to grow business and professionalize their activities,” Samperi Burneiko says. “Agribusiness accounts for a significant share of Brazil’s GDP. Brazil is considered the breadbasket of the world, and through agribusiness we move a whole transformation industry, which positions our country among the biggest exporters of food in the world. The professionalization of rural activity is remarkable, and today the rural man seeks technical knowledge and technologies that help increase the profitability of his property.”