2018 Latin America Winner

Cerros Servicios Agrícolas SA - Rio Cuarto, Argentina

At Cerros Servicios Agrícolas SA farmers are the starting spot in the company's desire to leave the world a better place.

Farmers are the starting point from which the success of any decision we make is based,” Mariano Ezequiel Ramadú, the Commercial Manager of Argentina’s Cerros Servicios Agrícolas SA, says.

“Our aspirations are to create a sense among society on the use of different inputs needed to carry out agricultural production, and that when used responsibly, they do not cause harm to the environment or to people,” he says.

In the last year the crop protection and seed provider constructed a pair of new warehouses in Elena and Río Cuarto, Córdoba, which it built to meet the highest safety and hygiene requirements — both were certified in the “premium” category by Argentina’s CASAFE agency. It also improved its agrichemical deposit facility in the Justo Daract in San Luis province, which earned it a “Distinguished” certification by CASAFE.

Ramadú sums up the company’s philosophy:

“Globally, it is an existential need — that of increasing food production in order to be able to supply the growing increase of the world population. Without this increase in productivity, it would be impossible to feed the world in the short term."