2018 Latin America Winner

Duwest Colombia SAS - Cota, Colombia

Whether it is a chemical spill, medical emergency, or another unexpected event, Duwest employees are trained to deal with the situation.

Duwest Colombia SAS traces its roots to 1963, when Agro-Químicas de Guatemala started operations in Palin Escuintla as the first plant to formulate products for the protection of crops in the Central America region.

During that time it’s been the company’s goal to be recognized by its customers and suppliers as the first option in those markets in which it participates. To do that, the company’s competitive advantage is a “highly committed and accomplished human team.”

The team is kept informed by regular training.

“We have improved the number of people trained in BPA (best practices in agriculture) issues, thus reaching 100% of the goal proposed in 2017,” says Leisy Milena Jordan Gutierrez, Coordinator of Quality and Environment.

The company doesn’t plan to stop there. The 2018 goal is to train an additional 7,410 people.

Duwest Colombia sells solutions from large distributors, but before any product is sent out, the company verifies they comply with all legal and compliance requirements for the commercialization. And each year suppliers are asked to update the technical information to inform customers of changes or improvements in the information.

Training is key for every employee of Duwest. The company regularly conducts sessions on a variety of topics for employees throughout the organization.

It isn’t just employees the company makes work to keep up to date. “We have made improvements in the product custody program, including accurate and clear communication with Duwest customers and businesses. (We emphasize) the importance of the label and delivery of technical information for the products that we commercialized to 431 clients in the areas of Cundinamarca Periferia and Cundinamarca Flores,” Jordan Gutierrez says.

Finally, the company takes the safety of its employees and visitors seriously. Executives recently updated and improved the emergency and contingency plan of the Cota Distribution Center. This includes training for a variety of potential dangers, including spills, fire, and earthquake.

Duwest also has sales in a variety of Latin American countries, including Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico.