2018 Asia/Pacific Winner

Jining Daliang Agricultural Service - Jining, Shandong, China

For Jining Daliang Agricultural Service Co. Ltd., the mission is simple: Create higher returns for farmers while providing high-quality products and contributing to environmental protection.

The company, which has 10,000 acres of contracted land and posted $14 million in revenue in 2017, provides customers with seed products, seed-coating treatment service, pesticides and chemical fertilizer management service, grain purchase assistance, and more. “We are operating with the solid value of environmental stewardship and spare no effort to minimize impact to environment,” President Ruxue Zhao says.

Through in-field hybrids comparison, the company recommends quality, high-yielding seed products to farmers catered to their individual situations. Farmers are advised to plant seeds with rapid dehydration and early maturation qualities, so the moisture rate is cut by more than 10%, which effectively saves the fuel needed to dry grain and achieve energy conservation.

Staying current with the latest technology is key to Jining Daliang’s success.

“Through an effective mix of pesticide products to deal with diseases and pests in the planting process, we follow the principle of prevention first, so that pests and diseases can be nipped in the bud,” Zhao says. “We will always commit ourselves to an agricultural services business model. We’ll allocate resources efficiently and provide services to new types of agricultural business entities, such as large grain farmers and family farms. Through sowing, pesticide application, storage, and sales of food crops, we can provide complete solutions to increase farmers’ incomes and make contributions to environmental protection.”

Just some of the efforts Jining Daliang makes to promote Integrated Pest Management include:

  1. Train farmers to have a basic understanding of pests and diseases and conduct regular examinations for employees to assess their professional skills and provide better services to farmers;
  2. Purchase advanced agricultural plant protection machinery, train a group of professional mechanical operators, and take appropriate measures to prevent and control crop pests and diseases for farmers; and
  3. Optimize the planting plan of crops, together with biological regulators to improve resistance of crops in various aspects.

In 2017 the company’s grain purchase capacity reached 200,000 tons. In an effort to reduce pollution, it transformed a coal-fired drying tower into a natural gas drying facility. Air pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen monoxide were eliminated, and discharge of the equipment reached the national standard.

“Agriculture is the country’s backbone industry, and seed is the root of agriculture. Therefore, the seed industry is vital and related to the food security issue. I hope that through our efforts, farmers will manage land with high-quality seeds to achieve the best benefits. With our efforts, we will promote the development of agricultural mechanization in China and enable farmers to live an easier and quality life,” Zhao says.