2018 North America Winner

Nutrien Ag Solutions - Morganfield - Morganfield, KY

Main office building for Nutrien Ag Solutions in Morganfield, KY.

Recently, the former Crop Production Services outlet in Morganfield, KY, updated its welcome sign to reflect the company’s name change to Nutrien Ag Solutions. Despite this alteration, Nutrien Morganfield continues to strive for environmental excellence. And recently, the facility was recognized for this accomplishment by winning a Regional Award in the Environmental Respect Award competition, sponsored by Corteva AgriScience with support from CropLife® magazine.“It feels pretty good to win this,” Trent O’Nan, the Manager at Nutrien Morganfield, says. “It’s good to know that we are doing a good job in the eyes of people outside of our community.”

Of course, O’Nan adds, how the Morganfield community views Nutrien Ag Solutions remains very important for the outlet on account of its two immediate neighbors on U.S. Highway 60 — the Methodist Hospital Union County and the Union County High School. “Since our facility was first operational back in the early 1980s, places where people go for education or when they are sick have been less than a mile downwind of us, so we’ve always had to be extra careful with how we manage our operations from an environmental standpoint,” he says. According to O’Nan, this is one of the major reasons Nutrien Morganfield has enhanced the security requirements for visitors at its facility, taken extra precautions with its anhydrous ammonia on-site storage tanks, and added a cover off the main building to make certain that dry fertilizer mixing takes place under roof.

Josh Johnston (left) and Manager Trent O’Nan.

The outlet has always upgraded its handling of another item valued by the community — water. “Water management is at the forefront of almost everyone’s mind as we run short of this precious resource,” O’Nan says. “The lot provides adequate slope to keep water away from buildings. Gutters and tile are in place to direct water away from chemical stores as well. As far as preventing run-off of contaminated water, dikes are in place at all locations. All dikes are inspected monthly for cracks and breaks.”