2018 North America Winner

Tri Ag Sales - Hurley, SD

Jeff Rippentrop (left) and Shay Kayser

From its focus on ON safe, fast, accurate, and made-to-order seed treatment to delivery tracking by variety and batch number, TriAg Sales of Hurley, SD, works hard to operate with optimum efficiency and product stewardship.

At the warehouse, products are segregated by crop type and seed activity, including conventional, glyphosate-tolerant, and blended varieties and hybrids. Soybeans are stored in bulk containment. “TriAg Sales plays a valuable role in the success of each customer’s farm yield goals and profitability,” Jeff Rippentrop, the President and Owner of TriAg Sales, says. “We strive to bring value to every acre that Pioneer brand products are on, ensuring customer success for generations to come.”