2019 Latin America Winner

El Hinojo SA - Paraná, Entre Ríos, Argentina

El Hinojo is a family business. The management team includes five family members: Dr. Alberto Cerini, Lic. Noemí Balbi de Cerini, Ing. Dolores Cerini, Ing. Gerónimo Cerini, and Dr. Juan Pablo Cerini.


El Hinojo SA is a family business that has been dedicated to agriculture for more than 30 years. The company is also dedicated to supporting the environment.

“El Hinojo SA is governed by the premise instilled by its founder, Alberto Gerónimo Cerini: ‘It is not enough to do things well; we must also prove it.’ This motivates all of us who are part of this company to audit our processes, certify our practices, and seek recognition from those who know about the chosen path,” says Gerónimo Cerini, Director, Managing Partner.

El Hinojo has 58 employees, of which four are family directors, six work in administration, 16 work in the pig farm, 18 are part of agriculture operations, and 14 work in the La Porca, the company’s butcher shops.

For its efforts, the company was named a regional winner of the Environmental Respect Awards.

El Hinojo is a working farm that includes an agricultural division, a pecan nut plantation, a pig farm, and a wholesaler and retailer of half cattle, cuts, and processed pork products.

Currently about 35% of the pigs produced at the Hinojo Swine Farm are sold through three retail operations owned by LA PORCA.

Not only does El Hinojo work to maintain a sustainable approach to its business, the company also works with its rural neighbors, mostly small producers, to help them focus on the environment."

That is why the company (takes on the) responsibility for improving neighborhood roads, restoring them with its own machines or hired by them. This work should fall into the hands of Provincial Road, a government entity that rarely fulfills its functions and is extremely expensive and inefficient for the provincial state,” Cerini says.

That’s only one of El Hinojo’s contributions to its community. The company also has the following offerings:

The name, El Hinojo, is linked to the Hinojal district where the Cerini-Balbi family business started. With other producers in the area they founded the CREA Victoria group, in 1998, which helps grow professionalism in the region.

  • A chain of butchers, La Porca, participate a program that provides meat health professional can provide service to children without access;
  • La Porca provides weekly meat to the dining room of the San Miguel de Paraná Church;
  • Pea, corn, and pigs are delivered to various institutions (firefighters, churches, schools) in the neighboring town of Aranguren.

“By winning (an ERA award), we reaffirm our vision, which motivates us to keep (focused on sustainability) and continue to respect the environment,” Cerini says. “In addition, we have no doubt of the contagious effect that these recognitions generate in the field among our suppliers, customers, and related entities. They will look at these practices with increasing interest. If a community is characterized by its respect for the environment, a relationship between its members will be created, worthy of being imitated by others.”