2019 Europe/Middle East/Africa Winner

Eridon SPE - Knyazhychi, Ukraine

Eridon SPE in Knyazhychi, Ukraine.

Eridon SPE, the largest agriculture supplier in Ukraine, believes in addition by subtraction — specifically the proper disposal of waste products, which isn’t a strong point within the country.

“Taking into account the fact that the collection of waste for recycling is not well organized in Ukraine, farmers meet with the problem of waste disposal,” Anna Tytarenko, Marketing and Advertising Manager with Eridon, says. “We collect and transfer tires, batteries, and mercury lamps for recycling.”

The problem isn’t limited to waste. There is also no control over the disposal of pesticide containers in Ukraine, Tytarenko says. Eridon is trying to eradicate that problem as well.

“The situation is aggravated by the fact that, in our country, there are not enough places for the utilization not only of the canisters but also the unsuitable pesticides themselves. Now we are working on this process,” Tytarenko says. “We want to reduce the use of pesticides that are harmful to the environment and replace them with organic ones.”

Some of Eridon’s accomplishments within the community include building a medical clinic in Pochuyki, opening a kindergarten “Kalinonka” in the village of Gorbani, providing local football teams with equipment, and repairing a local church.

Other long-term goals at Eridon include:

The continued construction of safe-energy warehouse complexes throughout Ukraine. Eridon currently builds modern energy-saving warehouses with adjustable temperature and humidity controls, which reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere while also improving village infrastructure and creating new jobs.

Expansion of the company’s portfolio of organic products. “Eridon’s portfolio has products that are not banned according to EU norms,” Tytarenko says.

The sowing of useful crops for the land. “As Eridon has its own fields and plants throughout Ukraine, we know that a lot of consumers are concerned about the content of harmful substances in crop protection products and soil depletion after sowing. We try to sow useful seeds for the land, such as soybeans and peas, and increase the use of organic substances in crop protection.

“All of the company’s activities are aimed at improving and developing the agricultural sector of Ukraine,” Tytarenko says. “Thanks to Eridon’s complex technologies of protection and nutrition of agricultural crops, our farmers properly treat the soil, feed the plants only with the necessary nutritional elements, and use the minimum needs of pesticides to avoid overloading the soil.”