2019 Asia/Pacific Winner

Guangdong Tianhe - Fujian, China

Guangdong Tianhe supports growers of rice, vegetables, fruit, and tea across Fujian province.

Established in 2009 in the southeastern coastal province of Fujian, China, Guangdong Tianhe’s business philosophy is to uphold all crop solutions it offers in the interest of farmers as the center. The company supports growers of rice, vegetables, fruit, and tea throughout Fujian with pesticides and plant protection programs, including agricultural technical services, fertilizer training, and more.

Its grower-customers face plenty of challenges. A top concern in Fujian is soil salinity and compaction, which Guangdong Tianhe addresses with soil assessment, soil improvement products, and application training. To help deal with waste and groundwater pollution, the company provides standardized drug treatment and waste training to farmers and assists with pesticide packaging waste recycling management. These are just a few of the services, however.

“We actively cooperate with government to reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers and participate in safety training and advocacy work, especially for reducing highly toxic residues,” General Manager Rongguang Lin, says.

In receiving the Environmental Respect Award, Guangdong Tianhe celebrates its achievements, the spread of environmental awareness, and positive energy.

As China strives to become more environmentally friendly with its target of zero-growth in pesticide usage by 2020, Guangdong Tianhe continues to promote more efficient, low-toxicity pesticides, with the aim to cut toxic residues. Over the next five to 10 years, the company is set to provide more retailers and grassroots farmers’ training to improve safety and environmental awareness and to select high-quality crops.

“These efforts make the company more recognized by the industry and grassroots farmers and also allow the company to get better product resources, improve sales performance, and support its outstanding team,” Lin says.

“Respect and care for the environment is the responsibility and obligation of everyone on Earth as our homeland, and it is also for a good life, a healthy life, and a future of sustainable human development.”