2019 North America Winner

Nutrien Ag Solutions - Melville, Canada

(From left) Kelly Bray, Office Manager; Darwin Waldbauer, Operations Manager; Travis Rathgeber, Branch Manager; and Tim Dietz, General Manager, East Saskatchewan Division.

By rural Saskatchewan standards, Melville is a relatively large city, with some 5,000 residents within its limits. It was born to serve as a key rail stop and still receives plenty of train traffic every day. But at its heart, Melville is the quintessential small town.

“It’s a real community, where everyone knows one another and we all interact,” says Travis Rathgeber, Branch Manager of the Melville Nutrien Ag Solutions location. Rathgeber is a lifelong resident of the area and has worked for the company in the East Saskatchewan region since graduating from the University of Saskatchewan in 2012.

In his position at the location and within the community, Rathgeber says that he and his team – which includes Operations Manager Darwin Waldbauer and Office Manager Kelly Bray — have a deep personal stake in ensuring safety, security, and stewardship at the location. “We are situated right in the city, and we are always trying our best to comply with city and government regulations,” he says. “We always need to be diligent in how we run our operation and be cautious of our surroundings.

Melville Nutrien Ag Solutions

“We also have to work hand in hand with the fire department and emergency response,” Rathgeber continues. “It’s gotten to the point where we know the individuals in the department personally.” When emergency response plans are under review or development, officials are encouraged to attend and provide critical input, he adds.

While the facility has always been top-notch, corporate facility audits have led to some improvements to the facility this summer. The fertilizer loadout pad is being quadrupled in size to improve containment, creating additional product stewardship. The crop protection building features a concrete pad loadout, and fertilizer tanks are diked and protected on all sides by chain link fence.

East Saskatchewan Division General Manager Tim Dietz is thrilled that yet another location has risen to the ranks of a regional award. Last year Nutrien’s Lumsden, SK, location was selected.

“I am proud of how the branches have taken the bull by horns on environmental protection,” Dietz says. “They are bringing their sites up to compliance to improve containment, protecting the businesses and citizens of the communities they serve.”

“We also have recognized that the appearance and condition of the site correlates to customer service and treatment,” he adds. “The care and pride we have in our facilities spill over into how we care for our customers.”