2019 Brazil, Latin America Winner

Pantanal Agrícola - South Chapadão, Brazil

At Pantanal Agrícola, it’s not enough that the company maintains a sustainable approach to business. The company wants its partners to focus on the environment as well.

On Farm seed treatment, performed by employees of Pantanal Agrícola, properly equipped for operation.

“Constant evolution is a commitment of Pantanal Agrícola. The strategic alignment and mutual concern of our partners with social and environmental issues encourages us to strengthen increasingly solid partnerships,” says Elinaldo Ferreira Paniago, Agricultural Technician. “This is a fundamental understanding, commitment, and attitude to build together world respect.”

Located in South Chapadão, Pantanal Agrícola offers crop planning and agricultural systems through a collection of highly qualified consultants. The company’s goal is to meet market expectations and commitment to its customers, employees, suppliers, regulators, and society, a continuous need in an increasingly connected world.

Training for applicators in partnership with Inquima — Fazenda Indaiá.

The management team at Pantanal Agrícola believes caring for the environment is everyone’s responsibility. To that end, the company works with the community to develop several awareness actions, which are designed “to clarify the doubts of the community about the practices adopted by producers by demonstrating the benefits of the activity to society and also by demonstrating that we seek to minimize the impacts of our activities as much as possible,” Ferreira Paniago says. “Our stores are open for visitation, and we are always willing to serve the wider community.”

Among the company’s interactions:

  • Women of Agro Project — “By encouraging the participation of women in agribusiness, we believe we are closer to the desires of the community, as women generally have a closer perception of the consumer, society, and the environment. We believe this is an important step toward more responsible and organized agriculture in the future,” Ferreira Paniago says.
  • Corteva/Pantanal Project at School — Together with Corteva Agriscience and the City Hall of Chapadão in Sul-MS the company carried out an environmental awareness and valorization of agriculture project at Pedra Branca Municipal School.
  • Solidarity Actions on commemorative dates —The word “environment” means everything that surrounds the atmosphere in which people live. That includes promoting solidarity and happiness on commemorative dates with the larger community. “In these small moments we provide joy to our children and people in difficult situations, making the environment of that person momentarily better,” Ferreira Paniago says.

“As our company grows, so does the responsibility to demonstrate the value and quality of our agricultural production,” Ferreira Paniago says. “Currently, through social and other media, we inform consumers about the high quality of Brazilian food, the responsibility with which it is produced and the special care that producers and our company have with the planet.”